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PCPS IP Puller for PS4 and Xbox – Lanc v3

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pcps ip puller lanc v3

The latest Lanc has been released by Psycho Coding and its dubbed PCPS IP puller. In this article we will show you how to download, install and pull IP Addresses with the new PCPS / Lanc v3 IP Puller.

For those that doesn’t know what lanc is, it’s one of the most popular IP Puller/grabber/sniffer available for free and supports PS4 & Xbox. As with Lanc Remastered we had to install prerequisites and the same applies to PCPS.

Pull IP’s with PCPS and Lanc v3

Let’s install the following first and remove IPv6 protocol.

On windows 10 go to settings > network and internet > change network adapter as shown below.

pcps ip puller

Now right click on your internet connection and scroll down to IPV6 and untick the box.

lanc v3

Now after you installed all the programs and unticked IPv6, lets restart your computer.

Once your computer is booted up lets download PCPS / Lanc v3 below.


  • Username search added
  • Now using online Database for stored data
  • Works similar to previous lanc versions with arp spoofing

After the download, double click the pcps.exe file for the program to launch.

pcps ip puller

Select your network adapter. Whether wired or wifi network. Tick on ARP spoofing and Filter

Now lets get your IP on your ps4 or xbox. On your gaming console go to settings > network settings and get the IP information. Note down your IP address and put it into the TO section under ARP Spoofing.

Now fill in your source IP to your PS4 / Xbox IP and in the destination Port you can use the following per platform.

  • PS4 – Don’t specify port number (use to be 9307 but Sony patched it)
  • Xbox port number is 3074

The from address should be your default gateway/router. It should default immediately to your router but just make sure.

Verify everything is correct and create your xbox/ps4 party with other players. Once they have joined your party click on start.

Under the connections tab you will start to notice all the IP’s coming through. Locate the IP’s that corresponds to the port we specified or under the protocol tab it will show Xbox Live / PSN service.

PS4 and Xbox DEMO


Congratulations you have successfully pulled a players IP address.

Now, after obtaining an IP address, what can we actually do with that information? See below

  • Boot the player offline, Gamers can use our ultimate booter guide or use ps4booter | xboxonebooter
  • Scan the IP address for vulnerabilities and hack into their router
  • Report the IP address for abuse/blacklisting or police
  • Get detailed information / Dox as to where the player lives/country/isp etc.

If you do receive any errors or issues using lanc remastered, try one of our fixes listed here or join our forums


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