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The Best Free IP Booter Online

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A free ip booter is a service offered by web owners or cyber criminals to send denial of service attack capabilities on demand. There are many ways on how to perform a booting attack, whether from a website, directly from your pc or using a botnet.

Today we will discuss the best free IP booter available on the market as a service on the web and personal tools.

Firstly, lets look at the list of nominations for free online booters. The top 3 we found via google that are actually free, are.

Free IP Booter Online

1. Stressthem


Visit website

2. Ipstresser

Visit Website

3. Xbox and PS4 Booter

PS4 Booter
Xbox One Booter

Truth is, none of the above free websites will be strong enough to take down your target and the free option is only there as a sales lead for users to purchase their premium packages. It might knock a home network offline but not a website or web application.

Now, lets look at the best dos tools that you can install manually on any pc/laptop running windows or linux yourself. These tools are truly powerful and this is how cyber criminals normally send DDOS attacks by installing a dos tool on thousands of computers worldwide.(botnet)

1. Xerxes

2. Loic – Low Orbit Ion Cannon

3. RU Dead Yet – Rudy Attack


While most of the free booters are tempting to try. It doesn’t always work (mostly) for booting people offline in games. In terms of bigger targets such as websites and web applications, its pretty useless.

If you are looking for a booter that will work you will need to spend some cash to actually hit your target offline (depends what you are targeting)

Another thing to mention is that booting is illegal unless you are stress testing your personal server/home network, so be careful and use a VPN if you’re going to target other players.

After you pulled the IP with Lanc Remastered, try using a PS4 or Xbox booter to kick players offline.

So what do you think of the listed booters and have you used them before? Also we would like to know if you know of any other free booters that we can test ourselves. Also did you try any of them after you pulled IP’s with LANC?

Let us know in the comment section below.

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